Terms & Conditions


Customer is the body who has booked and paid for the tour via Phuket Tours.

Tour agent is Phuket Tours Direct who is the middleman between the customer and the tour operator. The tour agent has the moral responsibility towards the customer.

Tour operator is the body who is responsible for the tour and who is organizing and operating the tour. The tour operator has the legal responsibility towards the customer.

Cancellation Policy

1.All tours must be cancelled by e-mail latest 18.00 the day before the tour. In such case the
customer will be refunded 90% of the purchase price. 10% of the purchase price will be retained to cover for costs related to handling the payment and the refund. Exceptions to this cancellation rule are June Bahtra cruises, Similan Islands overnight tours, speedboat charters and fishing boat charters for which the customer is required to cancel the tour latest 18.00 two days before the tour.
2.Should the tour operator cancel the tour anytime prior to the tour, the customer will be offered the tour on another day or offered a 100% refund of the purchase price.

Change Policy

All changes to a tour (date, pick-up location etc) is free of charge and must be communicated via e-mail latest 18.00 the day before the tour and an updated tour voucher will be issued.

No Show

1.Should the customer not be present for pick-up at the place and time specified on the tour voucher, or choose to not go on the tour, no refund is applicable no matter the reason (including medical reasons) and any claims need to be submitted by the customer to the customer's travel insurance company.
2.Should the tour operator fail to pick-up the customer, the customer (or the hotel reception) must call our hotline telephone number specified on the tour voucher 15 minutes after the specified pick-up time. Any other means of communication (e-mail etc) is strictly not accepted. Should the tour operator claim that they were at the place and time specified on the tour voucher and we have not received such a telephone call from the customer no refund is applicable.


1.Any claims in regards to a tour must be communicated by e-mail by the customer not more than 10 days after the tour date.
2.Any personal incident/inconvenience that may lead to a claim must be reported to Phuket Tours at the time of occurrence by calling the hotline number specified on the tour voucher or by asking the tour guide to call our hotline number.
3.Any refund due to an incident/inconvenience that has been fulfilled by paragraph 1 and 2 can only be granted if the incident/inconvenience is verifiable by the tour operator and the tour operator agrees to grant a refund.
4.Any refund will be paid back in the same way as the tour was paid for. Refund for cash payment must be collected at our office.

Receipt of Tour Voucher

1.After booking and payment of a tour, the customer will receive a tour voucher by e-mail within 24 hours or latest by 21.00 if the tour is on the next day to the e-mail address specified by the customer at the time of booking. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check that such an e-mail has been received and contact us immediately by e-mail if it has not been received.
2.Any refusal to pay transfer fee and national park fee claiming that a tour voucher with such payment information has not been received will result in refusal to participate in the tour and transportation back to the customer's hotel will be born entirely by the customer and no refund of the tour payment will be granted.
3.The above is also applicable for cancellation and changes to a tour requested by the customer.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are not allowed on any speedboat tour, longtail boat tour, ATV tour, elephant tour, white water rafting tour or Flying Hanuman. Should the tour operator refuse access to the tour due to pregnancy, no refund is applicable.

Tour Operator's Disclaimer

The tour program is subject to change dependent on weather and sea conditions. In such a case no compensation is applicable.