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Phuket Entertainment Tours

Carnival Magic Tours  ▶
Carnival Magic Phuket Spanning over 40 acres and awash with dazzling colors and sparkling imagery, Carnival Magic comes to light as the Thai Cultural Carnival Park, celebrating the vibrancy cultural heritage found in the many traditional festivals, carnivals and market fairs that abound throughout the Kingdom. Inspired by exotic carnival celebrations from around the world, Carnival Magic presents a breathtaking evening of joyous celebration, regal pageantry and cultural fun unmatched by any other show on earth.

Fantasea Show Tours  ▶
Phuket Fantasea Show Phuket Fantasea – or Fantasy of a Kingdom – is a Las Vegas style Thai cultural show. It uses cutting-edge technology, incredible sets and live animal performances to convey the essence of being Thai. The show is a feast for the senses. You'll see Thai culture, magic, acrobatics, performing animals, pyrotechnics, stunts and aerial performances plus 4-D effects.

Siam Niramit Phuket Show Tours  ▶
Siam Niramit Phuket Show Stunning. Lavish. Both words can describe the world-class Siam Niramit show featuring Thailand's arts and cultural heritage. It's a 'must-see' spectacular that features over 100 performers, sumptuous set designs, extravagant costumes and original staging. Enhanced special effects and a talented cast produce a satisfying and inspiring performance.

Simon Cabaret Tours  ▶
Phuket Simon Cabaret This is Southeast Asia's premier Ladyboy Show. Sets are elaborate. Costumes extravagant. Lighting is superb. The performers..... well, take your pick of adjectives! The show is spectacular and original. It's set in a luxurious but intimate theater. It's definitely unique and a show you may leave... wishing you could see more.

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