Cash Payment

We offer the option of cash payment via bank transfer for those who can not pay online.

The procedure for cash payment is the following:
1.Select all your tours and click Bank Transfer as payment method.
2.An e-mail will be sent to you instantly with confirmation of your booking, total amount to be paid, a reference number and instructions for how to make the cash payment.
3.Make the cash payment at any bank or at any CDM (Cash Deposit Machine).

  • The payment needs to be made latest at 19.00 the day before the first tour in order for us to be able to book the tour.
  • We need to receive the total payment amount why any fees related to the cash payment shall be born by the payer (to avoid any fees pay at a Kasikorn bank in Phuket or at a Kasikorn CDM in Phuket).
  • We will instantly receive a notification from the bank that a deposit has been made.
4.Return the e-mail you received upon booking to let us know that your payment has been made.
5.Upon confirmation of the payment we will send the tour voucher to you by e-mail.
6.Any refund will be sent to the payer via PayPal.