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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Tours


Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
A half-day package to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home, as well as gain an insight into their history and behavior, and create cherished lifelong memories of their time spent with these amazing animals.

Visitors to the Sanctuary will witness stunning views of the surrounding jungle, mountains and beach – All while interacting personally with friendly, happy elephants in a safe and sustainable environment.

On the day of your visit, you will be picked up from your place of accommodation and will drive for approximately 1 hours through scenic agricultural areas, hills, and beach, before arriving at the Sanctuary. There, you will meet your English-speaking guide and learn a little about the elephants.

After being allocated bananas and sugar cane to feed to the elephants, you will walk with your guide through the Sanctuary, where you will find free-roaming elephants and hear their individual stories. You can touch, feed, photograph, and interact with the elephants at your leisure while you learn about their lifestyle and behaviors.

After you have met all the elephants, you will accompany them to a nearby mud spa. Get muddy with the elephants as you apply a healthy cosmetic mud treatment to their skin. Next, you will walk with the elephants to a nearby pool and join them in the water for a refreshing bath. Take a swim and help bathe and brush the elephants while they wade through and play in the water.

Once the elephants are clean, you can take some final photos with them, and then it will be time to part ways with your new friend and change into some dry clothes. Finally, saying one last good bye to your new friends before being driven back to your hotel.

Tour Program
The times and order of activities are approximate and for guideline only.
06.30-07.30 11.30-12.30 Pick-up from your hotel.
08.00 13.00 Arrive at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket. Enjoy a welcome snack, sip tea or coffee, and learn about elephants as you are given an introduction to our program.
08.15 13.15 Assist with the preparation of natural dietary supplements for the elephants.
08.30 13.30 Meet the elephants. Feed them and administer dietary supplements as you learn their stories. Play, interact, and take photos with the elephants in a natural setting.
09.00 14.00 Mud spa with the elephants.
09.30 14.30 Swimming with elephants
10.00 15.00 Join the elephants in the specially constructed outdoor “Elephant Shower”
10.20 15.20 Use the facilities to take a (regular) shower, dry off, and change clothes.
10.30 15.30 Eat a lunch of traditional Thai food, freshly cooked Pad Thai, and seasonal fruit, before saying goodbye to the friendly elephants.
11.00 16.00 Leave the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary and drive for approximately 1 hour back through spectacular island scenery.
12.00-12.30 17.00-17.30 Drop off at your hotel.

Included in Tour
Transfer round-trip
One traditional Thai buffet meal
Drinking water
Food for feeding elephants
English-speaking tour guide

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary - Morning Tour
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary - Phuket
2400 ฿2500 ฿
1800 ฿1900 ฿

Elephant Bathing - Afternoon Tour
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary - Phuket
2400 ฿2500 ฿
1800 ฿1900 ฿

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