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Phuket Adventure Tours

ATV (Quad Bike)

Phuket ATV Tours The ATV tours are using powerful quad bikes good for one rider and one passenger. After basic instructions how to control the bikes, the tour guide will take you through dirt roads in the jungle rain forests, over hill tops with fantastic views and through the daily life of the local people. The tours can be combined with elephant trekking.

Elephant Trekking

Phuket Elephant Trekking Tours Elephant trekking is an unforgettable and fun experience and a great activity for kids. A platform will easily bring you into the two passenger seat on the back of the elephant. The tour guide will take you through jungle rain forests, up over the mountains with fantastic views and through the daily life of the local people. The tours can be combined with ATV rides.

Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman Phuket Flying Hanuman is a thrilling, exciting and fun experience that will have you flying from tree to tree via zip lines starting and ending at 28 different platforms. The activity area covers 80,000 square meters of lush jungle forest. You will be assigned to a small group of people and each group is accompanied by several experienced zip line guides that will assist you and instruct you all along the way to ensure your absolute safety. You are at all times tied to safety lines at the platforms and double safety lines while on the zip lines

Jungle Safari

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Phuket Jungle Trekking Tours A full-fledged jungle safari can be experienced in Khao Sok National Park, 110 km north of Phuket, rivaling the jungle safari tours offered in Northern Thailand. Experience elephant trekking, walking jungle trekking, river canoeing, bamboo rafting, jungle or floating lodging, long-tail boat trips and lake boat night safaris in the jungle and in the tropical rain forest. Khao Lak National Park offers a lighter version of jungle safari.

Sport Fishing

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Phuket Game Fishing Tours The game fishing is typically carried out around the Raya (Racha) Islands, 25 km south of Phuket. In these warm waters there are plentiful of catch all year around such as sailfish, black marlin, billfish and several varieties of tuna to name a few. During the monsoon season from late May until November the catch may also include wahoo, barracuda and varieties of mackerel.

White Water Rafting

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Phuket White Water Rafting Tours White water rafting is offered in the Phang Nga province and provides for a thrilling and fun experience on rubber rafts taking 6 people each. After initial instructions and training, the tour guide will lead you down the river through the jungle rain forest on an exciting 5 km level II-III ride. The tours can be combined with ATV and elephant trekking.

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