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Phuket Adventure Tours

ATV (Quad Bike) Tours  ▶
Phuket ATV Tours Let's have some fun! Our ATV tour guide will take you through dirt roads in the rain forest, over hill tops with incredible views and give you a glimpse of the lives of the locals. We use powerful quad bikes. They're good for one driver and one passenger. The tour guide will give you basic instructions on how to control the quads, then off you go!

Elephant Bathing Tours  ▶
Phuket Elephant Trekking Tours The Big Buddha Safari Camp is near the great white Buddha statue where you'll have breathtaking views of the island and surrounding waters and islands. It's fun. It's exciting! And at the same time, it's almost relaxing. Elephant bathing is an experience to remember and great fun for the kids. You can do elephant swimming, mud bathing, showering, scrubbing and feeding as well as a lot of other activities.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Tours  ▶
Phuket Elephant Trekking Tours A half-day package to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home, as well as gain an insight into their history and behavior, and create cherished lifelong memories of their time spent with these amazing animals.

Elephant Trekking Tours  ▶
Phuket Elephant Trekking Tours This is an unforgettable experience for the whole family. The kids love it! You climb up on the back of your elephant where there's a secured platform for two. The tour guide (your individual driver is atop the elephant's head) takes you up winding dirt trails in the jungle and over mountains with fantastic views of the island and surrounding ocean. This experience is combined with an exhilarating ride on ATV's, too.

Hanuman World Tours  ▶
Flying Hanuman Phuket This one raises the excitement level! The Hanuman World is a thrilling experience. You'll fly through the rain forest's tree-tops on zip lines between 28 different platforms. The course covers 80,000 square meters of lush jungle in the Phuket Mountains. You are assigned to a small group of zip-liners and are accompanied by several guides. They ensure your absolute safety. At all times, you are tied to safety lines at the platforms and have double safety lines while you're on the Hanuman World.

Jet Ski Tours  ▶
Jet Ski Phuket Let's skid through the waters! Our Jet Ski tour guide will take you through the archipelago on our powerful jet skis to several different islands on a 4 hour morning or afternoon tour. The Jet Skis are good for one driver and one passenger at no extra cost. The tour guide will give you basic instructions on how to control the jet skis, then off you go to the islands for beach time, swimming and snorkeling.

Sea Activities Tours  ▶
Sea Activities Phuket Unleash your adventurous spirit and explore the vibrant water world of nearby Coral Island with a thrill-seeking combination of sea-walking, banana boat, scuba diving, and parasailing. Do snorkeling in the clear blue waters over the huge coral reef surrounded by colorful marine life or just soak up the sun on the beach. Get ready for a day filled with adventure and endless fun.

Sport Fishing Tours  ▶
Phuket Game Fishing Tours If you like fishing, you could love this one! The tour will take you trolling to Raya Yai (Racha Yai) Island about 18 kilometers south of Phuket. The warm waters of the Andaman Sea are home to plentiful sailfish, black marlin, billfish and several varieties of tuna. And from late May to November during the Monsoon season your catch may also include wahoo, barracuda and a number of varieties of mackerel.

White Water Rafting Tours  ▶
Phuket White Water Rafting Tours White water rafting - through jungle? You can take a thrilling white water rafting trip from the Phang Nga Rafting Camp about 80 kilometers north of Phuket. Each raft can hold six people. Your guide takes you through the rain forest on an exciting 5 kilometer level II-III excursion. Combine the rafting with Elephant Trekking, ATV activities and Elephant Bathing.

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