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Phuket Island Tours

Phi Phi Islands Tours  ▶
Phi Phi Island tour from Phuket by speed boat A tour of the Phi Phi Islands. It's the most popular tour-experience in Thailand, and a 'must' for first-time visitors to the Land of Smiles. Breathtaking limestone cliffs rise straight out of the emerald green water. The Phi Phi's are 40 kilometers southeast of Phuket in the Andaman Sea. The six islands include Phi Phi Don – home to the bohemian town of Phi Phi Islands, and Phi Phi Leh – site of Maya Bay which is famous for its role in the movie “The Beach”. The islands are laced with occasional powdery white beaches and coral reefs teeming with exotic life. They beckon you to unforgettable swimming and snorkeling in the clear tropical waters.

A tour of Phi Phi presents you with great sightseeing and chances to take a plunge. You'll see Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach.

James Bond Island Tours  ▶
Phang Nga Bay (James Bond Island) There's nothing quite like showing your friends pictures of yourself and your significant other at a remote exotic location that everybody recognizes. They'll be green with envy when you send images from James Bond Island. Of course, the spot was made famous in the movie, “The Man with the Golden Gun.” Strike your best “Bond” pose in front of the James Bond Island sign.

The James Bond Island tour includes a cruise through Phang Nga Bay - about 25 kilometers north-east of Phuket. Admire stunningly beautiful rocky cliffs rising dramatically out of the sea. Paddles kiss the shimmering waters as you canoe through limestone caves and mangrove forests. The Muslim fishing village on Koh Panyee is another attraction on the tour. James Bond Island is the second-most popular tour-experience in Phuket.

Bamboo Island Tours  ▶
Bamboo Island - Phi Phi Islands It's small, but beautiful....and a magnet for colorful marine life. It's Bamboo Island (Koh Mai Phai) – one of the Phi Phi chain about six kilomenters north of Phi Phi Don. While it's small it has a lovely white sandy beach with clear turquoise water. And just off the beach – a beautiful living coral reef that makes for great snorkeling.

Coral Island Tours  ▶
Coral Island - Phuket What better way to spend an afternoon...or a full day! Coral Island. An absolute paradise only ten kilometers south of Phuket. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and has two long stretches of white sand. A short walk over the island hill leads to a small, quiet cove and an idyllic peaceful beach. The water? Crystal clear. Tropical fish? Yes! And they're just waiting for you to feed them. And Coral Island has no shortage of fun. Engage in scuba diving, banana boat rides, sea-walking or parasailing. This is what a tropical island getaway is all about.

Khai Islands Tours  ▶
Khai Islands - Phuket These three small islands are great for the kids. Khai Nok Island has a beautiful white beach and crystal clear turquoise water. Tropical fish are aplenty as they meander their way through the shallow waters – hoping to be fed. Khai Nai is the largest of the three islands and has another beautiful beach surrounded by emerald green water. It's great for swimming and snorkeling, as is the smallest of the islands – Khai Nui. It's surrounded by a colorful coral reef and shallow waters.

Phang Nga Bay Tours  ▶
Phang Nga Bay A tour of Phang Nga Bay about 25 kilometers north-east of Phuket is one of the most popular excursions available. You'll see spectacular limestone cliffs rising dramatically out of the sea. Discover a dazzling hidden world as you canoe through limestone caves topped by brilliant crystalline stalactites. Don't miss the chance to take one of these unforgettable evening cruises.

Raya Yai Island Tours  ▶
Raya Islands (Racha Islands) - Phuket Another magical location for you is Raya Yai Island. It's about 25 kilometers south of Phuket. Patok Beach is in a protected U-shaped bay with powdery white sand and clear turquoise waters. Nearby Siam Beach is longer and quieter and – like Patok Beach – is a great spot for taking a dip. Kon Kare Bay and Ter Bay are just a few hundred meters across the north end of the island. Many visitors say the snorkeling there is fantastic. The abundant sea life makes the island a magnet for diving and fishing tours.

Similan Islands Tours  ▶
Similan Islands Immerse yourself in a national treasure of Thailand. Looking for the best place for snorkeling and diving in Thailand – and one of the best in the world? This is it! The Similan Islands! The Similan Islands National Park is 85 kilometers northwest of Phuket. The park is home to nine islands with long coral sand beaches and crystal clear waters. This is some of the most amazing scenery in the Land of Smiles. A myriad of marine life inhabits the waters of the Similans including rare and endangered species.

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